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The Evolved Economy

The Evolved Economy system is designed to help free people from physical and financial pain, which are the two greatest problems impacting so many lives globally. For more information email isagenix (at) int-a1.com or go to http://www.isamovie.info/ for more videos and links.

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Your 90-Day Game Plan Training

  • 90 Day Game Plan Part II : Develop Your Team

  • 90-Day Game Plan Part III : Write Your Plan

  • 90-Day Game Plan Part IV : Never Give Up)
    David Wood

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We are expanding our business into Asia and need new business associates and customers ("preferred" customers, join for US$25 a year and buy at wholesale prices or less), either local residents or expats, in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam. A very small start-up investment is required. And we'll show you how to quickly get your products paid for (free products for life!) and start getting paid a good income.

For example "You+2, Them+2" with our Presidents Pak earns you up to USD 820.00 in P.I.B. (Product Introduction Bonuses), which can repeated over and over. See You+2 Them+2 video http://www.vita4life.isagenix.com/en-US/isavideos#Ncp8Xiv52DA and see our Compensation Plan video: http://www.vita4life.isagenix.com/en-US/isavideos#it7s0AK-dqY See also http://5Kin5weeks.com/ ...

Earn up to 50% in Retail Profits in addition to monthly commissions on total sales volume put through your team (Team Bonuses), to unlimited depth. Earn USD $54 per sales cycle and up to 250 cycles per week = USD 13,500 per week. As an Executive you receive an additional 10% Matching Bonus on your personally enrolled associates. These Executive Team Bonuses can earn you an additional USD 13,500 a week. Combined this is about USD 27,000 a week from your first Business Centre ( that's USD 1.4 million yearly - passive, residual income: equivalent to USD 29 million banked at 5% p.a.).

But it doesn't stop there! You can create any number of Business Centre's each with the same income potential. Isagenix's unique Re-entries Program empowers associates to create a new Business Centre once you've reached 200 cycles a week. Isagenix pays out 50% of all Business Volume making it one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. It is built on sound financial principles and built to last, with a sound financial track record.

Isagenix provides every opportunity for you to achieve six figure success and our team alone has co-created numerous six figure income earners (only 7% of Americans earn six figures annually). In Australia associates have retired themselves on USD 50,000 a year after just 90-days. Others are on USD 250,000, USD 500,000 or more after just one year. Several have become millionaires in less than 2 years. It's up to you just how much you earn. There's no upper limit. A retired butcher Jimmy Smith* & his family has earned over 30 million in Isagenix. Hear him speak on what sets Isagenix apart at http://isagenixpodcast.com/redefining_the_mlm. See also http://vita4life.isagenix.com/en-US/people/millionaire-success-stories.

"To be truly successful in Isagenix, you have got to make other people's checks more important than your own. Make sure you look at what people require to cycle, who is close to becoming a Consultant and who is really wanting to go to that next level. If you are thinking solely about your own cycles then you are not very likely to have the success you are seeking. Jimmy Smith, the number one income earner in Isagenix, says that you have to get your people paid. If you choose to focus on getting your team paid, you will absolutely make a quantum leap in your business." - Susan Sly, #2 earner in Isagenix

* Jimmy Smith’s Business-Building Tips:
  1. Know you’re in the right place at the right time with Isagenix.® Timing is everything. Recognize you’re there and get into massive action. The more people you talk to, the more successful you’ll be.
  2. Three ways to kill your business are pride, greed and impatience. Make sure to ask for help when you need it.
  3. Network marketing is all about leveraging yourself through people. For a small investment you can be on your way to building a successful business. You can’t do that in other industries.
  4. The greatest tool is the three-way call. Use it to stay in touch with team members and prospects. I learned long ago that I can cover more ground with my cell phone than by plane or car.
  5. To turn “pro” in network marketing, read as many books as you can about the industry. Listen to audio CDs, watch DVDs, etc.
    We recommend to all our new associates to read Eric Worre's "GoPro 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Pro" - order from http://networkmarketingpro.com/2014/ . Isagenix overdelivers on business tools. Other recommended websites for Isagenix independent business associates / owners are IsaSalesTools.com ** , IsagenixBusiness.com , IsaGeeks.com , IsagenixPodcast.com , Isafyi.com , IsaProduct.com , IsagenixHealth.net , Twitter.com/Isagenix , Facebook.com/Isagenix , Youtube.com/Isagenix , and more! ( ** http://isasalestools.soundconcepts.com/index.php/tools/books.html , http://isasalestools.soundconcepts.com/index.php/downloads.html and the nine linked images below. )




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